Bloggernacle Stories of Lost Faith

In the two years I’ve been participating in the ‘nacle tales of lost or failing faith is a constant, and enduring leitmotif (Mormon 9:20). On occasion, someone will relate how they had a Spiritual experience that resolved their difficulty with church history or one of the other confounders of faith. But they are rare, receive few comments, and are quickly forgotten.

It seems many ‘nacler’s are stuck in the twilight zone of shrunken faith by choice, and when this carte du jour is challenged by someone (like myself) who can relate miraculous encounters with the things of the Spirit, they are instantly marginalized by the defenders of the status quo.

There are many ways to handle trials to our faith. We can have our faith incrementally destroyed by “studying”, or increased by “studying—it depends on what we’re studying. However, the Lord teaches us to call upon Him in mighty prayer to resolve our trials.

Prayer, fasting and like Spiritual methodologies seem to allude those who are caught in the vortex of ‘nacle faithlessness. In just about every account of those whose faith is overcome by one thing or another,  seeking God for an answer isn’t mentioned.

When my faith was challenged I turned to the Lord and I found the promises made in the scriptures, and taught by church leaders to be true (Mormon 9:21). God will support us in our difficulties and trials (Alma 36:3). The gifts of the Spirit are real and powerful and will prevent us from being deceived (D&C 46:8), but we need to be willing to wrestle with the Lord in mighty prayer (Enos 1:2) in order to be possessors of these blessings.

Now, some who read this will be angry. This is typical. I ask: what is there to be angry about? I’ve told my experience and related my sincere feelings. Isn’t that what those who support dwindling faith or faithlessness are doing, and are applauded for doing so by those of like mind.

To those who are struggling with their faith, my hope and message is: try it the Lord’s way with as much gusto as you have put into losing your faith. You might well have a similar experience as I did, and be forever changed. Go here

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