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Don’t Lose Faith in What You Know, Because of What You Don’t Know?

I’ve been visiting sites authored by church members who have either lost faith or are in one of the many phases of losing their faith. The title of this post makes an important point. I’ll restate the title in the … Continue reading

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Are You Blown Away by Church History?

I remember when I first became aware of the challenging aspects of church history, the Mountain Meadows massacre, details of polygamy, problems with the Book of Abraham, multiple accounts of the first vision, and etc. I felt doubt stirring in … Continue reading

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Are Church Leaders More Fallible Than We Have Hitherto Supposed?

There are many ways church members react when they become aware of the difficulties with LDS church history and the reality that church leaders are more fallible than many had supposed. As a young returned missionary my worldview was that … Continue reading

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We Thank Thee, Oh God, for Prophets-Honoring the Prophets for the June 8, 1978 Revelation

I’m honored to belong to a church led by living prophets. The June 8, 1978 revelation extending the priesthood to all worthy males is an example of their prophetic calling. Following are a few excerpts from, Lengthen Your Stride, by … Continue reading

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