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Ministering Angels In the Flesh—Do You Know One?

I think the following account is a powerful reminder of the choices that some valiant spirits took upon themselves in pre-mortality—by taking on hard life assignments. Look around your circle of friends and extended family. Is there someone you know … Continue reading

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Example of Faith: Ministering Angel Intervenes to Help a Mother and Her Children

I enjoy reading accounts from the Ensign magazine telling about church members who turned to the Lord in time of need and found his helping hand. The following account was published in the Ensign, under the title  “‘Save My Life … Continue reading

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Embracing Our Individual & Unique Gift of the Holy Ghost

I’ve felt a desire to share some sacred experiences the Lord has given me. My whole purpose in sharing these experiences is to testify of Jesus Christ and the reality of the atonement. I hope by testifying of these things … Continue reading

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Reflections on Receiving Answers to Prayer

Recently I reviewed my journal and relived some spiritual experiences. I noted a couple of things that I thought might be interesting to the readers of this blog. Let me know your thoughts and experience on this subject. Some spiritual … Continue reading

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