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“I Will Show Miracles…Unto all Those Who Believe on My Name”

The prophet Nephi wrote and prophesied about our day. He referred to us as Gentiles and said that we would “put down the power and miracles of God, and preach up unto themselves their own wisdom and their own learning… … Continue reading

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Satan Desireth to Have Thee

Note:  All of the scriptural references below are active links. Who is satan? He is a son of God, and one of his names is Lucifer. D&C 76:26 Where does he come from? He lived in the pre-mortal world before … Continue reading

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When Your Flame of Faith Flickers

For many the birth of mature faith comes when the faith of their youth is challenged. With this thought in mine I would like to write to those who are feeling the flame of their faith flickering.  I think nearly everyone … Continue reading

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Example of Faith: Mission President Withers in Pain and is Healed

I read, Yearning for the Living God, by F. Enzio Busche a few years ago. He is a convert to the church from Germany and was called to be a General Authority and served as a Seventy in the Church … Continue reading

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What is a Spiritual Experience? Have You Experienced One?

Latter Day Saints talk about Spiritual Experiences. I’m going to attempt to define what constitutes an experience with the Spirit. My source material will be the scriptures, the living Prophets, and my own experience. I think the most basic concept … Continue reading

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Would You Help with a Research Project?

I am gathering sources where LDS church leaders have shared Spiritual experiences. I would greatly appreciate it if you would provide a link or a copy of such material. This would include talks you’ve heard in local meetings, in general … Continue reading

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Brigham Young’s Thought on Relating Spiritual Experiences

Brigham Young said: It is always peculiarly interesting to me to hear the Saints tell their experience. It is to me one of the best of sermons to hear men and women relate to each other how the Lord has … Continue reading

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