What was God? What was praying, she asked?

A North Korean husband pleads to his wife “You need to pray to God. Pray to him and ask him to bring you safely to me. If you do, he will hear your prayer.”

His wife, Song, upon hearing this asked questions, “What was God? What was praying? He explained that God lives in the sky and asking him for the things we need most is called praying. It was odd, she thought, but Song trusted her husband and promised to do it.”

Deseret News published a very interesting story about the courage and faith of a North Korean couple. I thought I would pass it on to you. As you probably know, North Korea is a repressive communist country. Liberty and freedom, something many in the West take for granted, is absent in North Korea. Song didn’t even know what the word God and prayer meant. How she and her husband learned about God and prayer is an inspiring read.

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