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Drawing Nearer to God Through the Book of Mormon-Part 1

“Drawing nearer to God through the Book of Mormon”, is a three—part series. I am writing with the hope my children, grandchildren, family, friends, and interested others will be persuaded not only to believe in Christ and the restoration of … Continue reading

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What Was God? What Was Praying, She Asked

 This was published in the Deseret News Feb 7, 2018. Here Jiyeon Song excitedly moves through a pile of 20 or so presents at her baby shower hosted by a friend from church. The 34-year-old expectant mother doesn’t just remove … Continue reading

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Satan’s Success:Diverting Attention from the Atonement to Far Lesser Concerns

My experience in the Bloggernacle in the last sixteen years has opened my eyes to the fact that there are many other concerns on the minds of church members than the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I don’t think the … Continue reading

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How Long Before the Prophets Declare that the Sword of Justice Hangeth Over this People

I prefer to blog about faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, repentance, and receiving the Holy Ghost. The topic of this post is speculative. I don’t have any idea how long it will be before the prophets warn the Gentile … Continue reading

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You’ve Read the CES Letter. Now What?

LDS church members respond in a variety of was after reading the CES Letter. The question is: how are you going to respond? Most deal with a rush of emotional pain after reading from the CES Letter. Some even say … Continue reading

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Is Your Testimony of the Book of Mormon Authentic or Borrowed?

In my opinion, there are many kinds of testimonies held by church members. But at some point church members need to acquire a testimony in the Lord’s way. This is done by calling on the Lord in prayer, even mighty … Continue reading

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My Experience of Coming Unto Christ and Experiencing Repentance (Applying the Atonement)

I haven’t always been a sincere follower of Christ. As a boy, holidays recognizing the Savior were just another holiday, like Halloween or Presidents day. The joy of being out of school, receiving gifts, and eating all the goodies at … Continue reading

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Hugh Nibley’s Faith Crisis Solved by Prayer

Hugh Nibley (1910-2005). There may be some reading this who don’t know much about Hugh Nibley. I got acquainted with him in the 1970’s, attended his class, lectures and had the opportunity to talk with him on a few occasions. … Continue reading

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Satan Desireth to Have You, That He May Sift You as Wheat

The Savior warned His followers about the power and influence of Satan saying: Satan desireth to have you, that he may sift you as wheat. 3 Nephi 18:18 Sifting wheat or winnowing is accomplished by throwing wheat into the air … Continue reading

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LDS Soldiers Miracle Battle At Kapyong

Many of those who have been in military combat have experienced or seen things that they describe as miraculous. I’ve been in combat an experienced a miracle, so I know something about it. Recently a friend sent me a link … Continue reading

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