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My Experience with the Savior

Easter is about Jesus Christ. Our thoughts are turned to the life of Jesus Christ, his atonement, and his resurrection. For me and many others, this time of year carries our thoughts to sacred experiences that have come to us in … Continue reading

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Quiz: What Caused the Nephite Church to be Broken Up?

The Book of Mormon teaches that the Lord’s church can dwindle, even be “broken up” because of the iniquity of its members. The first indication of the church dwindling occurs when the members begin to disbelieve in the gifts of … Continue reading

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LDS Doctrine Quiz #4-Five Questions on the Priesthood

Start the quiz by clicking “Take Quiz”. Once you’ve completed the quiz click below for answers and discussion. Enjoy!   Click Here for Answers and Discussion After Completing the Quiz

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“Among All the Workmanship of Mine Hands There Has Not Been So Great Wickedness”

This morning, I was thinking about what scripture teaches about the world we live on. The first scripture that came to mind (while shaving) is found in Moses 7:36. I’ve been interested in the Savior’s teachings about this earth when He … Continue reading

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Casually Engaged

Imagine on the grounds of your ward house there are numerous fruit laden gospel trees where you can pick all the fruit you want to nourish yourself spiritually. The easily accessible lower hanging fruit provide basic blessings from the organization … Continue reading

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Doubling Down on Sin or Repentance. It’s Up to Us.

I am writing to those who appreciate the gift of repentance and are thankful that Jesus Christ was willing an able to atone for our sins. If we think of a testimony of repentance as having three degrees of glory then … Continue reading

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What Glory Am I Being Quickened By?

My goal as a blogger is to write about those things that will help each of us draw nearer to the lord. The Lord has said, “draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you.” With that scripture … Continue reading

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Thinking More Deeply About “Opposition in All Things”

I’ve read the Book of Mormon many times. And each time I have been moved intellectually by Lehi’s teachings about “opposition in all things”. His discussion of this topic has provided me with many worthwhile insights. It is an intellectually … Continue reading

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Come Unto Christ And Be Perfected In Him

The purpose of nearly every talk in General Conference, every talk in sacrament meeting, and every gospel doctrine class we attend is to help us come unto Christ and be perfected in him. The prophet Joseph Smith said: “When you … Continue reading

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Following the Savior at a Distance Or Up Close

As members of the church we can follow the Savior at a distance, or up close, the choice is ours. The scriptures provide examples of those who are close to the Lord, as well as those who follow Him, but … Continue reading

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