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So Long President Monson

President Monson can be remembered as a prophet. There are many examples of his prophetic gift. One account, among many, that stands out in my mind is the Methvin family. In 1974, Christal Methvin , a 10-year-old dying of cancer, … Continue reading

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What the Book of Mormon Teaches About Excommunication

In recent days there has been news that several church members have been notified of disciplinary councils due to their public opposition to church policy and doctrine. This is a sad time, especially for family members of those summoned. It … Continue reading

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We Thank Thee, Oh God, for Prophets-Honoring the Prophets for the June 8, 1978 Revelation

I’m honored to belong to a church led by living prophets. The June 8, 1978 revelation extending the priesthood to all worthy males is an example of their prophetic calling. Following are a few excerpts from, Lengthen Your Stride, by … Continue reading

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One of the Best Kept Secrets of the Church

Mike: Why are the scripture so important? After all, the Bible is scripture and look at all the different Christian churches that have sprung into existence since it was published. Obviously scripture is subject to interpretation, and if this is … Continue reading

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