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Let Us Reason Together: Revelation or Emotion?

A former Mormon, John D. (I’m not going to give his last name) recently wrote the following critique about his experience with “revelation”.  “Did I have incredibly powerful and inspiring emotional experiences in a LDS context when I was a child, … Continue reading

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What is the Great Destroyer of Mormon Faith?

Hardly a week goes by without hearing of another church member losing their faith. There is even a lawyer who, for no legal fee, will help members remove their names from church records. He may even think of himself as a … Continue reading

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When Your Flame of Faith Flickers

For many the birth of mature faith comes when the faith of their youth is challenged. With this thought in mine I would like to write to those who are feeling the flame of their faith flickering.  I think nearly everyone … Continue reading

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Dwindling in Unbelief from Year to Year

Dwindling in Unbelief  From Year to Year, the title of this post is a sad title, but unfortunately, it is what is happening before our eyes in the era we live in. It happened to the Nephites. Look up the word … Continue reading

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Spencer W. Kimball’s 85 Day Prayer

The following excerpt from a talk given in General Conference by Spencer W. Kimball when he was called as an apostle relates his experience with prayer.  “…I recall two or three years ago, when Brother Lee was giving his maiden … Continue reading

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Testimony: Clayton M. Christensen

Clayton M. Christensen is a returned LDS missionary and is currently a Professor at Harvard Business School. This is a portion of an essay he wrote, Why I Belong, and Why I Believe. I was born into a wonderful Mormon … Continue reading

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