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Some Mormons Search the Web and Find Doubt–The Hans Mattsson Example

This was written in 2013. It hasn’t been updated. During my lifetime it seems that every year or two there is sensational news about the Mormon church in the national press. I remember when President David O McKay died one … Continue reading

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Let Us Reason Together: Did Mark Hofmann Fool Prophets and Apostles?

Critics of the Church of Jesus Christ are delighted when events make LDS prophets and apostles look foolish. Such is the case with the Mark Hofmann forgeries. Critics reason: How is it that church leaders could meet several times with … Continue reading

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Feasting on Intellectual “Mammon” Vs Feasting on the Words of Christ

Regarding revealed knowledge the Lord said: As well might man stretch forth his puny arm to stop the Missouri river in its decreed course, or to turn it up stream, as to hinder the Almighty from pouring down knowledge from … Continue reading

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Dealing with Mormonism’s Thorns, Thistles, Briars, and Noxious Weeds

Nearly everyone has experience with weeds (thorns, thistles, briars, and noxious weeds). They come in many varieties. Basically, weeds are a wild plant that grows where it is not wanted in competition with other desirable plants. The scriptures teach that weeds … Continue reading

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Thinking More Deeply About “Opposition in All Things”

I’ve read the Book of Mormon many times. And each time I have been moved intellectually by Lehi’s teachings about “opposition in all things”. His discussion of this topic has provided me with many worthwhile insights. It is an intellectually … Continue reading

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Let Us Reason Together: Is the Mormon Church Like a Pyramid Scheme?

A former Mormon, John D. (I’m not going to give his last name, but he is now a self-employed, highly paid anti-Mormon) recently wrote the following analogy about the Mormon Church. “Imagine that you and all of your extended family became … Continue reading

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Thoughts On Faith, Doubt, and Unbelief

I’ve read that for most of human history, mankind whatever their circumstances, maintained some sort of belief that they were created by a “god”.  This was true for those living in the jungles or on main street. The vast majority … Continue reading

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Promptings of the Spirit: Revelation Or Brain Chemistry

Recently, I read a post at a well known blog. The Mormon author of the blog is critical of the LDS church and it’s leaders. After reading one of his post and many of the comments, I decided to join in … Continue reading

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Using the Book of Mormon to Navigate Problems in Church History

Some church members faith is challenged when they learn uncorrelated (unvarnished) history of the church. In Oct 2013 General Conference, Elder Uchtdorf discussed this concern. There has also been news articles reporting on the challenges the church is currently facing. The internet … Continue reading

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Are Church Leaders More Fallible Than We Have Hitherto Supposed?

There are many ways church members react when they become aware of the difficulties with LDS church history and the reality that church leaders are more fallible than many had supposed. As a young returned missionary my worldview was that … Continue reading

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