A Crisis in President Monson’s Family

I just finished reading a devotional address given at BYU Idaho by President Monson’s daughter, Ann M. Dibb. It was given shortly after President Hinckley died. It is titled, My Father Is a Prophet, given in Feb 2008.

As many of us already know by experience, when we’re visited by a crisis, faith can be found, lost, increased, or decreased. If we’ve lived a life more of form than substance, then a crisis will reveal this for all to behold. On the other hand, if we’re the real thing, then that will be revealed as well.

For the men who lead this church–how they handle a crisis is more revealing than anything they might have said or written.

To those who frequent the Bloggernacle with the intention of thumbing their nose at the church by dredging up this or that tidbit of church history or doctrine, I suggest the lives of church leaders will tell those who are quick to observe more about the truthfulness of the gospel than any half-baked criticism currently being tossed about.

With that said I’ll quote from President Monson’s daughters talk:

A powerful example of my father’s faith took place after my mother experienced a severe injury.  She had fallen, hit her head, and was in a coma for three weeks.  My father was very concerned and prayed continually.  He was given a small room at the hospital, called a Comfort Room, and had all of his work sent to him.  He visited my mother every hour and spoke to her.  His faith and prayers were answered.  She awoke from the coma.

Not long afterwards, her doctor started explaining to my father and me what we could expect in terms of a recovery.  He was not very optimistic.  My father interrupted the doctor in mid-sentence and asked, “Doctor, do you have faith?  Do you believe in miracles?”  The doctor stammered and did not know how to respond.  Then my father continued, “Well, I do.  We’re going to continue in our faith.  We are going to pray.  Frances will be in the Lord’s hands, and along with all of the capable medical help, we believe the Lord will help her recover.”

With diligent care, therapy and time, my mother did make a remarkable recovery.  Seeing this, several medical professionals acknowledged that my mother’s recovery was a miracle.  My father has great faith.

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