A Note from the Author

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I am writing this book for my loved ones and friends. I am also writing to any church member who desires to draw nearer to God.  

I am not writing as a church leader, a gospel scholar, or for a profit motive. I’m writing based on my personal experiences with the things of the Spirit. I’ve learned that Heavenly Father will bless an average member of the church with sacred experiences that I formerly thought were only available to those who receive callings to high position in the church.

There is a natural tendency among church members to look at those who are called to high positions and assume they are somehow more important to the Lord than is the average member.

The Lord taught His followers he is “no respecter of persons”, but most church members really don’t believe it. I know I didn’t. I heard it with my ears, but it never found place in my heart, eventually the Lord taught me otherwise.

I’ve learned that being close to the Lord comes from diligently applying basic gospel principles, not from church callings. In other words, a clerk can be as close to the Lord as those who are called to presiding positions in Bishoprics, Relief Societies, Stake Presidencies, or even General Authorities (see 2 Nephi 26:33).

All church members can have access to the power and gifts of God. When any church member properly applies the doctrine of Christ, he will experience the things of the Spirit. The Savior taught that the key to spirituality is to hunger and thirst after righteousness.

Acquiring a testimony is essential. However, it’s only a beginning. A testimony needs to mature into conversion. The purpose of this book is to encourage my family, friends, and interested readers that they can exercise their faith and receive the same blessings as Enos, the people of king Benjamin, and others in the Book of Mormon who experienced full conversion (see 3 Nephi 9:13-14).   

If this book is ever published, I plan to use a pen name. Any royalties will go to the church, I don’t want anyone to entertain the idea I am writing this book to make money or gain notoriety. 

This book is a personal expression, and in no way is it an attempt to be an official statement of the doctrine of the LDS church.

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