Altars of Sacrifice

Who among the readers of this blog is not moved by Brother Christensen’s testimony? Here is a man at a cross roads of his life. He is on his own for the first time. It is a make or break situation. Everything is on the line. He comes up with a plan for reading the Book of Mormon:

1. Read for an hour every night.

2. Begin with prayer asking God to know if the Book of Mormon is His truth.

3. Read a page, ponder and pray about it-read another page, and ponder and pray about it.

The plan he used is so simple, but the outcome is profound as he places everything on the altar and waited on the Lord.

After several weeks of following his plan the revelation comes! It changes his life!

The promise made in Moroni 10:4-5 is available to all. God has told us he is no respecter of persons. Anyone who reads the Book of Mormon and offers a prayer as described (in verses 4 and 5) will receive a witness from the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost testifies to the small and great men and women of the world.

I’m grateful to Brother Christensen for giving permission to share his testimony on this blog. There will be other testimonies shared from time to time, from men and women, small and great, but the source of their testimony will be the same—the Holy Ghost.

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