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Thinking More Deeply About “Opposition in All Things”

I’ve read the Book of Mormon many times. And each time I have been moved intellectually by Lehi’s teachings about “opposition in all things”. His discussion of this topic has provided me with many worthwhile insights. It is an intellectually … Continue reading

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When Your Flame of Faith Flickers

For many the birth of mature faith comes when the faith of their youth is challenged. With this thought in mine I would like to write to those who are feeling the flame of their faith flickering.  I think nearly everyone … Continue reading

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The Lord Seeth Fit to Try His People’s Faith

Before being called as a General Authority the Cook’s had their patience and faith tired. This account shows how the Lord deals with His people, how He trieth their faith and then rewards them according to their faithfulness. The following … Continue reading

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My Experience with Faith

Faith is a term that can be used to describe the state of mind one possesses when they seek to do something. When someone starts a business, enters into a contract, climbs a mountain, writes a book, for example, it … Continue reading

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Each of Us Will Face Trials and Hardships in This Life

The following General Conference talk was given by  Elder Quentin L. Cook Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles Oct 2008. It was titled, “Hope Ya Know, We had a Hard Time”,  Ensign, Nov 2008, 102–6. For a shortened YouTube … Continue reading

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Example of Faith: Called as Bishop in the Midst of a Severe Family Trial

I recently read this post and found it to be an example of faith. I  admit I’m moved to tears at the depth of trail and faith the Fitzgerald family has, and is experiencing. I asked for permission to publish … Continue reading

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