Reflections on Receiving Answers to Prayer

Recently I reviewed my journal and relived some spiritual experiences. I noted a couple of things that I thought might be interesting to the readers of this blog. Let me know your thoughts and experience on this subject.

Some spiritual experiences are accompanied by a feeling of joy, sometimes the presence of joy is complete, meaning, there isn’t room to experience more joy, while other spiritual experiences are not accompanied by joy. They are both spiritual experiences, but are different.

I think the message is the difference. Those spiritual experiences designed to give a message of love, assurance, and most of all comfort, leave us filled with the spirit (of joy). Other spiritual experiences have little or no feelings of joy associated with them, but do convey knowledge.

At two critical points in my life I received direction from the Lord in answer to prayer. I had no feeling of the spirit in either of these sacred experiences, but I knew, nothing doubting, the Lord had communicated with me. In both instances the course of my life was changed. 

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