Examples of Faith: When God Intervenes Miracles Occur

Members of the Church frequently relate accounts of their experiences with miracles. Miracles happen all the time. We are God’s children and He is watching over us and when He intervenes miracles occur.

Following are three such experiences. I’ve taken part of the account to get you started.  Click the link at the end to complete the story. Once at the link you may need to scroll down to find the title. Enjoy.

As He is Now

Then one night I had another dream in which I saw myself on the doorstep of our home talking to my father. He was drunk, seemed very pale, and was dressed in filthy clothes. I was screaming at him, asking him why he drank so much. I yelled at him to go away and leave us alone. All of a sudden I saw another man coming toward me.  Click Here

You’re Under Arrest

On 25 July 1928, I was tracting on a street in Heilbronn, Germany. In those days, missionaries did not have to work side by side constantly, and often I would tract one side of the street while my companion tracted the other.

As I walked toward the next house, I saw a man sitting on a chair near the sidewalk. He was glaring malevolently in my direction. Many people in Germany at that time distrusted the missionaries, so I didn’t give it much thought.

As I spoke with a woman at the doorway to a nearby apartment, I heard someone coming up behind me. I turned and saw a policeman in uniform. I continued to talk, believing he had business with someone upstairs.

To my astonishment, he dropped a heavy hand on my shoulder and turned me around to face him.

“You will have to come with me,” he said quietly. “You’re under arrest.”

Astounded, I tried to keep my composure. I apologized to the woman and told her I would return later.

“Why am I being arrested?” I asked the policeman. He told me that I was accused of burglarizing an apartment and carrying off a valuable heirloom watch.  Click Here

Get Up and Move Your Bed

Darkness slowly descended on our mountain retreat. Our stomachs satisfyingly filled, we settled in happy weariness into the waiting bed and fell asleep quickly. Deep into the night hours I awoke to a voice. I seldom woke during the night and was very groggy. Ignoring the voice, I drifted back to sleep. Again the voice came to me. This time I woke up and listened, not believing what I heard.

“Get up and move your bed!”  Click Here

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