“Gird Up Your Loins, That You May Be the Children of Light”

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As I see it, the world we have known for the last few decades is in the midst of change. The prosperity Americans have grown accustomed to appears to be in jeopardy. The “portent of stormy weather” is gathering momentum. Some are saying that an era of economic depression like the 1930’s could visit this generation.

On top of the economic challenges, the tension of domestic and international politics creates a climate of uncertainty and fear. Americans don’t trust one another or their elected officials like they used too.

Internationally, some observers are saying that the power and influence of the American Empire is ebbing, and the dawn of the Chinese Empire is emerging. Some of our elected officials are even saying the Constitution is antiquated and the source of our present day difficulty. There are other voices advocating one world government and one world currency.

These kind of things shouldn’t surprise church members, we have the scriptures and have been given the “signs of the times” to help us recognize and prepare for the difficulties of the last days. The scriptures teach the importance of preparation saying, “gird up your loins, that you may be the children of light, and that day shall not overtake you as a thief” (D&C 106:5).

The biblical term, “gird up your loins” means to prepare. Many church members see the necessity of temporal preparation and are stocking up. This is important, but we also need to be spiritually prepared. The scripture above uses the term “children of light.” To qualify as “children of light” more preparation is needed than storing food, water, and other necessities of life. To be “children of light” requires the companionship of the Holy Ghost.

The Book of Mormon teaches that prosperity can be the enemy of spirituality (receiving the Holy Ghost) (Helaman 12:2). In prosperous times, like we have experienced in recent decades, it is easy to forget the Lord; some even harden their hearts. The Lord describes this human weakness, saying, “In the day of their peace they esteemed lightly my counsel…” (D&C 101:8). When we’re slow to hear to the voice of the Lord in prosperous times, he in turn is slow to answer our prayers in the day of our trouble (D&C 101:7).

We don’t know when the second coming of Christ is, but we do know the prophesied events that will precede his coming. Many of them are being fulfilled in this generation. As more prophesies are fulfilled the pressures will increase, church members who have “treated lightly” the Lord’s counsel will, out of necessity, bow the knee and earnestly seek the Lord (Mosiah 21:14, Mormon 5:22-24).

I know something about the experience of returning to the Lord after treating lightly his counsel. I’ve decided to write a few things that I’ve learned over the last forty-five years with the hope it will benefit others.

I’m not only writing for those who are returning to the Lord, but for anyone who wants to draw nearer to the Lord. There is a scripture that I have tried to apply in my life, with success I might add, that sums up what I have in mind.

Be thou humble; and the Lord thy God shall lead thee by the hand, and give thee answer to thy prayers. D&C 112:10

We have a choice, if we’re not as close to the Lord as we would like to be, we can continue as we are living; below our privilege. Or we can choose to draw nearer to the Lord and have greater access to the things of the Spirit.

This book is dedicated to LDS church members who desire to gird up their loins and be children of light by having greater access to the things of the Spirit.

My motivation for writing is not academic, a calling, or monetary. The things I am writing about are based on personal experience. I know of these things myself. I know that God answers prayer, forgives sin, is no respecter of persons, extends the gift of the Holy Ghost with the attending gifts of the spirit to all those who love him and keep his commandments, and those that seeketh so to do.

Writing a book isn’t easy. It’s even more difficult when you don’t have all the resources to do a first rate job because you’re doing it alone. As will soon be obvious to those who read from this internet book, I am not a polished writer. With that in mind, I welcome your suggestions. If you see something you think needs fixing, please let me know.

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