Friday Quiz: How to Avoid Deception

Have you ever been deceived? Have you put your confidence in something or someone only to be disappointed? Have you suffered disappointment when the promises made by your employer never materialized? Have you ever purchased a fancy new electronics device that turned out to have more in common with fruit, than electronics, when it turned into a lemon?

There are many ways to be deceived. Some deceptions can turn out to be educational, and may even be worth the tuition; however, certain kinds of deception can be devastating.

The Lord has warned us about deception. To verify this statement, type the word deceive in a scripture search engine that uses all word forms. I came up with 125 hits. This is a subject worthy of our attention.

The best remedy for avoiding deception, according to the Lord, may be surprising to some who are reading this post. Think about it for a moment before you click the following link. See if you can come up with the remedy the Lord provides to help us avoid deception. The scriptures teach “…beware lest ye are deceived; and that ye may not be deceived”…write your answer down before clicking here.

Are you surprised? In my next post I’ll attempt to explore this subject in some detail.

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