LDS Soldiers Miracle Battle At Kapyong

Many of those who have been in military combat have experienced or seen things that they describe as miraculous. I’ve been in combat an experienced a miracle, so I know something about it.

Recently a friend sent me a link to the history of a military battle that took place during the Korean War. I think anyone who reads the history will say, “that is a miracle” because of the odds involved where 4,000 Chinese/North Koreans soldiers were defeated by 240 US soldiers from southern Utah.

How can 4,000 soldiers be defeated in battle by 240 soldiers? The odds of that happening are unlikely. One would think that a 16 to 1 advantage in manpower would insure a victory for the Chinese/North Koreans.

What about casualties? In military battles where there is a 16 to 1 manpower advantage with hand-to-hand fighting one would think there would be a lot of body bags needed. Especially, among the US soldiers from Utah.

However, once again you shake your head in amazement when you learn that not one US solider died! How do you account for that? Well, if you said to yourself, “that is a miracle”, then you have reached a reasonable conclusion.

What did the Chinese/North Korean soldiers taken prisoners have to say when they were asked why 240 soldiers defeated their 4000? Many of them replied, “we shoot them, but they don’t fall down.”

Note: There are several way to spell the name of the battle. If you google the name of the battle you will find there are two battles that have the same name. They are different battles. Both were in 1951. The LDS battle was in May 1951.

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