Mormon Bloggers—How Long Halt Ye Between Two Opinions?

The apostles and prophets have decided it’s time to let Mormon Bloggers know there are limits to what they can do and still remain church members. It can be likened to marriage. Divorce is a viable option for infidelity. 

I hope that all Mormon Bloggers will recall the message of the vision of the tree of life and the implication it has for them. I hope all of them will choose to grasp the iron rod and move towards the tree of life. Its not reasonable to attempt to have one hand on the iron rod and the other hand reaching for the great and spacious building. Sooner or later a decision will need to be made.

Church members who are devotees of ordain women movements and/or of blogs that persist in destroying faith are halting between two opinions. I hope they will choose the path of faith and follow Jesus Christ.

Years ago, in  June 1966, I made a decision to follow the Savior. Since then, for nearly 50 years, I have studied the doctrines and history of the church. I’m aware of the challenges and difficulties bloggers are dealing with that cause them to be drawn to alternate voices. I could easily be in the same camp, sharing many of the same feelings and thoughts, if it wasn’t for one thing—answers to prayer.

This brings me to the purpose of this post. I hope and pray that every blogger who reads this—and is halting between two opinions—will turn to the Lord and seek Him diligently—with full purpose of heart. When I did, the Lord answered my prayers in a way that put my feet firmly on the path with the iron rod.

Have there been difficulties and temptations while on the path? Certainly, but I’ve learned how to repent. The Lord has been very kind to me, I enjoy the championship of the Holy Ghost and the gifts of the Spirit to the extent that doubt about the calling of Joseph Smith and the truthfulness of the church is not a concern. My concern is enduring faithfully to the end.

Regarding church leaders, I exhort you to follow them, they are true messengers even though they are fallible human beings just like all the prophets who gave us scripture.

Choose ye this day, whom ye will serve (Alma 30:8). 

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