My Experience with the Savior

Easter is about Jesus Christ. Our thoughts are turned to the life of Jesus Christ, his atonement, and his resurrection. For me and many others, this time of year carries our thoughts to sacred experiences that have come to us in answer to prayer.

We’re taught that where much is given, much is required. For reasons unknown to me, I have been given an Enos like testimony. Enos was the son of a prophet. My heritage is very humble in comparison. I am the son of a rough living man, someone I love dearly, who told me after my conversion he wouldn’t let me teach and testify of the plan of salvation because he didn’t want to be held accountable for the way he lived his life. He lived life on his own terms, like in the song, “I Did it My Way”, by Frank Sinatra. 

I’ve sought to follow a course of life much different than my father. I hope my testimony at this Easter season will increase faith in those who sing with conviction the hymn “I Believe in Christ”, as well as those who would like to.

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