Quiz #3 Answers and Discussion

Q1. While in mortality the Savior experienced health problems.

Answer: False

There is no record of the Savior being sick. But that doesn’t mean he never experienced sickness. Alma teaches that through the atonement “he will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people (Alma 7:11).”

Q2. When did Jesus become perfected?

-In the pre-existence.
-While in mortality.
-On the cross.
-When he was resurrected.

Answer: When he was resurrected.

“Just prior to his crucifixion, he said that on “the third day I shall be perfected.” (Luke 13:32) Think of that! The sinless, errorless Lord—already perfect by our mortal standards—proclaimed his own state of perfection yet to be in the future. His eternal perfection would follow his resurrection and receipt of “all power … in heaven and in earth.””  Elder Russell Nelson, General Conference, Oct 1995

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