This is the Testimony Which is in Me

Those who have a testimony possess power. I think it can be compared to the power that a gifted artist possesses. In my 7th grade class there was a fellow student who could play the piano with unusual skill. He had only been playing for a few years, but he knew all kinds of music by heart, and could play with a dexterity that summoned your attention—even for non musical types. He must have been born with power in music.

In whatever endeavor mankind participates in, there are those who possess a natural power for that endeavor. We like to use the term gifted to describe them. I think those who are gifted in music, athletes, math, science, and etc., first become aware of their power through their “feelings”.

Our feelings are an important part of who we are. I think there are other words that help us understand “feelings”. Sometimes we hear people refer to their feelings by using words like appetite and passion. I can remember “first experiences” with my feelings. I remember being in the 4th grade and seeing a pretty girl by the name of Shelly. I went home and told my mother about her. I wanted to be with her because I felt something drawing me to her. That was my first encounter with attraction to the opposite sex.

One of my early remembered experience with things of the Spirit took place in my deacon’s class. After class, I mentioned it to my friends. I wondered out loud why I would feel so good after listening to a dumb lesson. I noticed that the feeling would leave me only to return again the next week in class.

Our feelings are open to the things of the spirit, the Spirit of God and the spirit of satan. The prophets have warned us that the natural man or woman is an enemy to God—unless he/she yields to the enticing of the Spirit. Those who have power in the things of the Spirit become aware of both influences.

The power of our testimony can ebb and flow. We can yield to the power of the Spirit of the Lord or we can resist it. I’ve done both. In my youth I resisted the Spirit of the Lord and unknowingly invited the company of evil spirits by the choices I made. At a critical time in my life I decided to learn for myself if God was really there. I decided to read the Book of Mormon. In prayer, I asked the Lord to show me if it was true. Soon after that prayer the Lord provided me with an experience that forever taught me that there are two powers in the universe, the power of God and the power of satan. From that day, to this day, now over forty years, there is a heighten testimony which is in me about the reality of God and satan, and the truthfulness of the calling of the prophet Joseph Smith, and that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. I also know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and died for our sins. I learned this by sacred experience as I sought forgiveness of my sins.


As we follow our God inspired feelings the power of our testimony will be manifest. Testimonies come to the sons and daughters of God in different ways and vary in power and intensity. The reasons for this are not as important as using what we’ve been given to help build up the Kingdom of God on the earth. Our testimony is a sacred gift from God. I’m thankful for my testimony Click here.

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