Thoughts On Faith, Doubt, and Unbelief

I’ve read that for most of human history, mankind whatever their circumstances, maintained some sort of belief that they were created by a “god”.  This was true for those living in the jungles or on main street. The vast majority of mankind believed that they were created. Of course, that didn’t mean all attended church or strived to keep the commandments, but the notion that God didn’t exist wasn’t widespread.

The era we live in today is unique because unbelief is wide spread and acceptable. Atheism is a growth industry, particularly among some in the ivy league crowd who declare like Korihor, that God is “a being who never has been seen or known, who never was nor ever will be”. He further taught that  belief is ” the effect of a frenzied mind”. Korihor would have fit right in on many college campuses throughout today’s world.  

Mormonism is an American faith. It has been around less than 200 years. For most of that time it has been a Utah church. In 1947 there were about 1 million church members. Today there are roughly 16 million members. It is now a world wide church. It is estimated that about 50% are considered active. In other words, as the Book of Mormon points out, church members “were also upon all the face of the earth; and their dominions upon the face of the earth were small”.

In the internet era new problems have emerged for Mormons. These problems are fueling doubt among some faithful church members, particularly the young. They’re learning things about the history of the church that are new and troubling.

What used be clear cut and uncomplicated regarding things taught in church about Joseph Smith, the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, and other church scriptures, are now comparatively complicated, blurred and inexact. 

Nearly everyday, there is news, both in print, and that by ear about someone struggling with their testimony. Some leave the church, but more often, a “for sure testimony” is now less sure. Many just keep quiet about their concerns while others are more inclined to seek answers. New books are being published to provide help. The church has published a series of essays to offer explanation for some of the more difficult topics. 

Those who are entangled by doubt have many new avenues to deal with it. They can read the essays, read the new books that are out, and coming out. They can talk with local church leaders (some not all), a friend, a loved one about their faith crisis.

What about me? I was inoculated many years ago. I am not troubled. I am at peace. I write this blog (I’m in my 9th year) to do what I can to help others. For me the solution came in answer to prayer.

I know many others who haven’t, as yet, received an answer to their prayers. We are all different and will have to travel our individual path to find answers. 

Be assured there are answers. More church members are finding satisfying answers to their concerns than are choosing to leave the church. The news about them travels very slow because it isn’t as sensational. 

I’ve written many posts on doubt. Go here for a list. I hope you can find something that is helpful. God bless.

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