Signs and Wonders In Answer to Our Prayers

Building faith is why I blog. Today’s blog is about answers to prayer.

Heavenly Father is how I like to think of God as well as the name I use when I call upon Him in prayer.

My experience with prayer has taught me that answers come in many ways. We’re taught that prayers are answered by feelings in our heart and mind. We are also taught about burning in the bosom. I have experience with these forms of prayer. I’ve written about them in other post. See my category listing for prayer.

In today’s post, I would like to draw attention to another important way prayers are answered—by signs.

…he manifesteth himself unto all those who believe in him, by the power of the Holy Ghost…working mighty miracles, signs, and wonders, among the children of men according to their faith.” (Book of Mormon | 2 Nephi 26:13) Continue reading

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Seeking the Holy Ghost in Times of Peace, and Trouble

The apostles and prophets teach that acquiring the gift of the Holy Ghost is the most important thing we can do in life.[1] Some readers might not agree with this statement, saying that coming to Christ is more important.

If that is true, how would you answer this question: “How can we come to Christ without the Holy Ghost?”

One purpose of the Holy Ghost is to testify or reveal to men that Jesus Christ is the Son of God the Eternal Father (Matt. 16:16, 1 Corinthians 12:3). Without the Holy Ghost we cannot receive the necessary spiritual experiences to have a relationship with Christ.

We can study the scriptures, listen to the words of the living prophets, and thereby intellectually learn of Christ, but we won’t be able to experience Christ until we qualify for the Holy Ghost. Intellectual conversion to Christ is fragile, Spiritual conversion to Christ will ground and root us. Continue reading

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“Begging for a Remission of Your Sins”

First, a definition of the word “beg” may be helpful to set aside any emotional response we may have to the word. Some among us may feel offended by this word thinking that God would never require His sons and daughters, the elect, those holding the priesthood, those who have made sacred covenants in the temples, to beg.

Beg: To ask earnestly; to beseech; to entreat or supplicate with humility. From American Dictionary of the English Language, Noah Webster, 1828

The title of this post, Begging for a Remission of Your Sins, is taken from the account of King Benjamin teaching his people the message delivered to him by an angel from God .

Before going any further, I think it’s important to have an idea of just who King Benjamin and his people were. King Benjamin’s people are described as being “highly favored people of the Lord” because they were “diligent in keeping the commandments” (Mosiah 1:11 & 13).  Continue reading

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Experiencing the Gospel Versus Intellectualizing the Gospel

The doctrine of Christ as revealed in the Book of Mormon teaches church members how to experience the gospel; not just learn it. In other words, a church member can be active in the church but not active in the gospel.

The gospel is experienced when we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.  It is far more important to experience the gospel than it is to understand it. When we experience the gospel we understand it on a whole different level as compared to study alone.

What I’ve just said may sound like I’ve got things backwards, after all, doesn’t one need to understand the gospel before they experience it? Yes, there needs to be some basic understanding of the gospel. The following definition from Preach My Gospel, page 5, explains what one needs to understand and believe.

The Savior defined His gospel in terms of the following basic doctrines: Continue reading

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Are God’s Promises Being Realized in Your Life?

The scriptures contain many promises to followers of Christ. Consider the following short list:

1.  The Lord answers our prayers—3 Nephi 18:20

2.  Keeping the commandments brings happiness—Mosiah 2:41

3.  We will be supported in our trials and troubles—Alma 36:3

4.  We can be blessed with the gift of the Holy Ghost—2 Nephi 31:13 Continue reading

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Receiving Answer to Prayer—Hindered by Over Reliance on “Experts”?

To begin, I feel it is important to underscore a fact that we experience everyday. People differ in talent and abilities. To illustrate, consider two dissimilar activities, running a 5K race and taking an algebra class. Suppose there are 100 people participating in each endeavor. What would you expect to happen as the race and the algebra class progressed?

Typically, there would be a range of human talent and ability manifest: fast and slow runners, fast and slow algebra students, with the majority being average.

I think it is safe to say the same is true when it comes to spirituality. Individuals differ in spiritual talent and ability, but the important thing is that we understand and believe that we all have access to Heavenly Father via prayer. The question we need to ask is: “What can I do to improve my spirituality.”

If you’re not happy with your ability to receive answer to prayer, then you know if you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same results. Continue reading

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Receiving Answers to Our Prayers—A Matter of Desire

There is nothing in life quite as sublime as receiving an answer to prayer! This is especially true if we have been seeking the Lord with all our heart on a matter of deepest import for a prolonged period of time. To experience an answer to prayer gives a boost to our faith. In the language of scripture, “then shall thy confidence wax strong in the presence of the God” (D&C 121:45).

I hope that all who read this have had this sublime experience, or will have a desire to have such an experience.Wherever we’re at in receiving answers to our prayers, the fact remains that we can increase our sensitivity to the things of the spirit—if we desire to. The word “desire” is very important when it comes to the topic of prayer. The scripture teach we receive according to our desires (Ether 3:2).”

Our desires are one key to receiving answer to prayer. There are many things that can be classified as either barriers or facilitators to receiving answer to prayer. In my opinion, the primary barrier to receiving answer to prayer is anemic desire. 

Followers of Christ who live in prosperous circumstances can be challenged by the lack of desire to obtain answers to their prayers. I’m not referring to just those who are wealthy in dollars, whatever we may be “wealthy” in, be it intellect, personality, athleticism, social status, good works, church callings, and etc. They already feel blessed. They may not need anything. They feel they know all they need to know. So day by day they may be offering up prayers that are routine.  I wonder if it would be better not to pray at all, as to offer up routine, hasty, superficial prayers to our Father in Heaven (Moroni 7:9). Continue reading

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Recognizing Answers To Prayer

The purpose of prayer is to access things of the spirit. We are repeatedly taught in the scripture that the Lord will answer our prayers. Receiving and recognizing answers to our prayers is the topic of this post.

Like many of you reading this post, I have had many prayers answered.[1] Therefore, I am familiar with the workings of the spirit. It takes time and experience to grow in our ability to recognize answers. Based on my experiences, most prayers are answered by the subtle workings of the spirit.[2] However, these soft, delicate answers can be misinterpreted.[3] The solution to this problem is to cry unto the Lord for help, asking to know his will and avoid mistakes. Notice the use of the word “cry”[4]. If you think that crying unto the Lord is a little over the top, then I suggest you read more carefully from the scriptures. The scriptures portray the prophets frequenting “crying unto the Lord” to gain answers to their prayers.

I believe the Lord is anxious to answer our prayers and to teach us of His ways, however, we are required to obey the law upon which blessings are predicated.

There are many ways to improve our ability to receive and recognize answers to our prayers. I would like to offer the following ideas that I believe are essential to opening the channels of communication between ourselves and Heavenly Father. Continue reading

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“Be Converted, that I May Heal You”

The Savior visited the Nephites after his resurrection. There are many things the Savior could have taught on this momentous occasion. What he chose to teach is certainly important to his followers. Following is brief review of the Savior’s teachings.

When the Savior died on the cross in Jerusalem “three days of darkness” was given as a sign to the inhabitants of the earth (see 1 Nephi 19:10–12; Helaman 14:20–21).

Among the Nephites, the three days of darkness was accompanied by a terrible tempest and physical upheavals. Many people died! Near the end of the three days of darkness, a voice was heard explaining in detail the destruction of various cities along with the inhabitants and the reason why they were destroyed (see 3 Nephi 9:1-12).

13 O all ye that are spared because ye were more righteous than they, will ye not now return unto me, and repent of your sins, and be converted, that I may heal you? Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts to Consider as We Move Into 2015

I’ve cruised, posted, and written in the Bloggernacle for seven years. It’s been an interesting experience.

My initial goal in coming to the Bloggernacle was to mingle with LDS who are seeking to fulfill their baptismal covenant by receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. I assumed that with the vastness of the internet’s reach I’d find multiple sites where church members discussed things of the Spirit and shared spiritual experiences in a meaningful way. However, I quickly learned that most LDS who post and comment in the Bloggernacle have other priorities.

LDS author James Farrell observed:

“Many [LDS] today carry a secret: We do not love what we have been commanded to love. We do not love what is holy. Although we might reverence things that are deemed holy – the temple, for example, and the scriptures, and the Sabbath – we do not love them. Not really. Not with our whole souls.” The Holy Secret, James Farrell

The apostle John counseled: Continue reading

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