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The Book of Mormon on Prayer

The scriptures abound with the promise that God hears and answers prayer. Church members who desire to communicate with God  instinctively know that prayer is one of the keys to opening the channels of communication with Heavenly Father. I want to focus on … Continue reading

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Using the Book of Mormon to Communicate with Heavenly Father

The Book of Mormon abounds with the idea that man can communicate with God. I’m writing as one who knows this is true having experienced it many times.  Joseph Smith said the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our … Continue reading

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Eugene England’s “Reconversion” to the Book of Mormon

Eugene England wrote a book titled, Converted to Christ Through the Book of Mormon. Following is part of the introduction he wrote for the book. He makes several important observation  about the power of the Book of Mormon: 1.  To … Continue reading

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