Using the Book of Mormon to Communicate with Heavenly Father

The Book of Mormon abounds with the idea that man can communicate with God. I’m writing as one who knows this is true having experienced it many times. 

Joseph Smith said the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion and that a man could get nearer to God by studying from its teachings than any other book (TPJS, p. 194).

With this thought in mind I purchased a $7 copy. I’m going to highlight those verses in the Book of Mormon that teach how to get nearer to God. 

The word “communicate” means to have an exchange, a two-way “conversation”. When men communicate one with another they do so in many ways. When God and man communicate, it too is done in a variety of ways. The basic concept goes something like this. Either God or man initiates the communication process and the other responds.

The Book of Mormon provides numerous examples of this basic model of divine communication.  By carefully studying these examples, we can increase our understanding of the process and apply what is learned with the goal of communicating more effectively with Heavenly Father. 

I’m looking forward to prayerfully studying from the pages of the Book of Mormon, and writing about those teachings that the prophet Joseph Smith had in mind when he called it the most correct book on earth.






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3 Responses to Using the Book of Mormon to Communicate with Heavenly Father

  1. Kris says:

    Please continue to post your experiences and findings.

  2. mark haight says:

    The best way to study and read The Book of Mormon is to do it prayerfully. I know that if we are prayerful about our scripture studies then the Lord will bless us with the Spirit and it will be more meaningful, and personal.

  3. Cody Bosch says:

    I know what you mean. One thing that assists is taking notes as you read to summarize it. That helps you get into it easier. Then as you get into into the Book of Mormon story wise it assists in having it manifested unto you with prayer. That’s the main way my testimony grew. even after the first time of just reading it that end of my testimony was due to knowing the rest of the gospel was true so that had to be correct as well. Then the second time going through I did the notes thing. If you would like to get further information visit this site. Then to go even further get a freeBook of Mormon.

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