The Book of Mormon on Prayer

The scriptures abound with the promise that God hears and answers prayer. Church members who desire to communicate with God  instinctively know that prayer is one of the keys to opening the channels of communication with Heavenly Father.

I want to focus on those teachings. So I asked myself,  what is the best source I can go to, to learn how to communicate with God, in other words, to “talk with God”?

The prophet Joseph Smith provides some insight into this question. He taught that a man would get nearer to God by following the teachings found in the Book of Mormon than any other book of scripture (TPJS, p. 194). With this declaration in mind, I decided to search the pages of the Book of Mormon on prayer, using a computer search engine.

Early Results

I’m surprised at how many times the Book of Mormon writers address the topic of prayer. For example, the word “prayer”, using all word forms of this spelling, appears 151 times. However, teachings on prayer are found using other words and phrases. For example, the word “cry”, using all word forms, appears 173 times.

I went through each of these verses and found that the word “cry” appeared 89 times in the context of prayer. One more example, using the word “inquire”, I found 17 verses that applied to teachings on prayer.

I’ve invested many hours in this effort.  So far, I developed the following tags. If you can think of some other tags, please let me know. In future posts, I’ll focus on specific teachings found in the Book of Mormon that will help us understand how we can get nearer to God.  


Ask Not

Call Upon His Holy Name

Call on His Name in Faith

Consecrate My Prayers

Counsel with the Lord

Cried unto the Lord

Given What They Should Pray

Heard My Prayers

Inquire of the Lord

Jesus Prayed

Labored in the Spirit

Mighty Prayer

Must Not Pray

Not Ask Contrary to God’s Will

Pour Out Our Souls in Prayer


Pray Continually, Always

Pray Unto the Father in Jesus Name

Pray Without Ceasing

Pray and Repent

Pray for Enemies

Pray in Your Families


Prayer and Fasting

Prayer for Deliverance

Prayer for Forgiveness

Prayer for Mercy

Prayer from the Heart

Prayer is in Vain

Prayer with Faith


Prayer-Slow to Answer



Prayer-Will Not Hear Their Prayers

Prayers of Those Who Have Died

Prayers of the Righteous

Watch and Pray

Whatsoever Ye Shall Ask Which is Right Shall be Given

Wrestle in Prayer


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3 Responses to The Book of Mormon on Prayer

  1. K-Jp says:

    Hi Jared,
    I am excited to follow your posts as you develop these subjects. Thank you for sharing.

  2. sean says:

    It’s amazing how many occurrences of the word “prayer” in all its forms are in the Book of Mormon. Same with mentions of Christ. Lately, I’ve been doing a bit better than I used to when it comes to studying the scriptures. I’ve really noticed a difference. I’m so much happier on the days that I remember to diligently study, instead of just reading a token verse and flopping into bed. Thanks for posting.

  3. KelvinLandon says:

    To read more, about what the Book of Mormon says about prayer, click Here.

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