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Why Won’t God Answer My Prayer?

Click here for Table of Contents This post is written with the assumption  the reader has experienced receiving answers to prayer, is familiar with the workings of the Spirit, and is currently living in a manner where they can expect to … Continue reading

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Latter Day Saints at a Faith Crossroads

Cruising the Bloggernacle in recent weeks, I’ve read much on the topic of faith. It appears some church members are standing at a faith crossroads, deciding which road they will travel. Some of what I’ve read related to the lost … Continue reading

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Example of Faith: Ministering Angel Intervenes to Help a Mother and Her Children

I enjoy reading accounts from the Ensign magazine telling about church members who turned to the Lord in time of need and found his helping hand. The following account was published in the Ensign, under the title  “‘Save My Life … Continue reading

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Spencer W. Kimball’s 85 Day Prayer

The following excerpt from a talk given in General Conference by Spencer W. Kimball when he was called as an apostle relates his experience with prayer.  “…I recall two or three years ago, when Brother Lee was giving his maiden … Continue reading

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Drawing on the Powers of Heaven by Fasting and Prayer

The Value of Fasting and Prayer Next Sunday is the first Sunday of the month. Latter-day-Saints around the world will hold their monthly fast and testimony meetings.  Fasting is an important principle of the gospel for those who desire to … Continue reading

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20 Minutes to Increased Spirituality

Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you; seek me diligently and ye shall find me; ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. D&C 88:63 This is one of my favorite … Continue reading

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The Lord’s Dealings

The Book of Mormon doesn’t waste any time getting into the topic of prayer. On the first page (verse 5) Lehi prayed to the Lord “with all his heart”. His prayer was answered by vision, the account says the experience … Continue reading

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The Book of Mormon on Prayer

The scriptures abound with the promise that God hears and answers prayer. Church members who desire to communicate with God  instinctively know that prayer is one of the keys to opening the channels of communication with Heavenly Father. I want to focus on … Continue reading

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Listening, Two Way Prayer–For the Intellectual Mormon Too

On the way to have my car oil changed the other day, and being in a hurry, without really looking, I reached for a book to pass the time. I took it off of a book shelf where my wife … Continue reading

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A Prophet’s 9-11 Prayer

In Oct 2001 General Conference, weeks after 9-11, President Hinckley closed his remarks by offering a prayer. “And now as we close this conference, even though we shall have a benediction, I should like to offer a brief prayer in … Continue reading

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