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Counseling God or Following Blindly Versus Counseling with God

The title of this post outlines three ways we can approach the Heavenly Father as we deal with the various issues of life. I’ve experienced all three ways of dealing with the Heavenly Father at different times in my life. … Continue reading

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Suspected Answers to Prayer

We often read or hear that faith is a decision. And so it is. Those who make the decision to be faithful also make the decision to take the Holy Spirit for their guide. I think of them as inseparable … Continue reading

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The Holy Ghost is to Our Spirits What the Sun is to the Earth

Recently I was pondering the importance of the Holy Ghost when the following thought came to my mind: “The Holy Ghost is to our spirits what the sun is to the earth.” I was a little surprised at first, but … Continue reading

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Spending (Quality) Time with the Lord

Spending Time with the Lord Spending time with the Lord is a worthy goal. Spending quality time with the Lord is even better.  Relationships are built in many ways, but “time” is a primary ingredient in each. Time to relationships, … Continue reading

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It’s Not Wise to Think of Heavenly Father as a Mortal, Fallen Man, Like We Are

I read something from my journal this morning that I thought some readers might relate to. It’s very personal, but I decided to share it. In June 2011, I was driving to the book store to see what new books … Continue reading

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Signs and Wonders In Answer to Our Prayers

Building faith is why I blog. Today’s blog is about answers to prayer. Heavenly Father is how I like to think of God as well as the name I use when I call upon Him in prayer. My experience with prayer … Continue reading

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Receiving Answer to Prayer—Hindered by Over Reliance on “Experts”?

To begin, I feel it is important to underscore a fact that we experience everyday. People differ in talent and abilities. To illustrate, consider two dissimilar activities, running a 5K race and taking an algebra class. Suppose there are 100 people participating … Continue reading

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Receiving Answers to Our Prayers—A Matter of Desire

There is nothing in life quite as sublime as receiving an answer to prayer! This is especially true if we have been seeking the Lord with all our heart on a matter of deepest import for a prolonged period of … Continue reading

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The Lord Seeth Fit to Try His People’s Faith

Before being called as a General Authority the Cook’s had their patience and faith tired. This account shows how the Lord deals with His people, how He trieth their faith and then rewards them according to their faithfulness. The following … Continue reading

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Mormon Bloggers—How Long Halt Ye Between Two Opinions?

The apostles and prophets have decided it’s time to let Mormon Bloggers know there are limits to what they can do and still remain church members. It can be likened to marriage. Divorce is a viable option for infidelity.  I … Continue reading

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