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Writing and Commenting in the Bloggernacle

Good, better, and best are terms that can be used to describe the relative worth of competing choices. The one thing they have in common is the fact that a favorable outcome can be expected from each. However, the outcomes … Continue reading

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It’s Not Wise to Think of Heavenly Father as a Mortal, Fallen Man, Like We Are

I read something from my journal this morning that I thought some readers might relate to. It’s very personal, but I decided to share it. In June 2011, I was driving to the book store to see what new books … Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts to Consider as We Move Into 2015

I’ve cruised, posted, and written in the Bloggernacle for seven years. It’s been an interesting experience. My initial goal in coming to the Bloggernacle was to mingle with LDS who are seeking to fulfill their baptismal covenant by receiving the … Continue reading

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What the Book of Mormon Teaches About Excommunication

In recent days there has been news that several church members have been notified of disciplinary councils due to their public opposition to church policy and doctrine. This is a sad time, especially for family members of those summoned. It … Continue reading

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Stories of Lost Faith

In the years I’ve been blogging, tales of lost or failing faith is a constant and recurring theme in the Bloggernacle. On occasion, someone will relate how they had a Spiritual experience that resolved their difficulty with church history or … Continue reading

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The Doctrine of Christ vs. the Moral and Ethical Teachings of Men

The Power of Moral and Ethical Principles It’s exciting to read about great men and women of the past. I remember in 8th grade reading about George Washington and other men of renown who brought America into existence. I also … Continue reading

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Promptings of the Spirit: Revelation Or Brain Chemistry

Recently, I read a post at a well known blog. The Mormon author of the blog is critical of the LDS church and it’s leaders. After reading one of his post and many of the comments, I decided to join in … Continue reading

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Latter Day Saints at a Faith Crossroads

Cruising the Bloggernacle in recent weeks, I’ve read much on the topic of faith. It appears some church members are standing at a faith crossroads, deciding which road they will travel. Some of what I’ve read related to the lost … Continue reading

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Are Church Leaders More Fallible Than We Have Hitherto Supposed?

There are many ways church members react when they become aware of the difficulties with LDS church history and the reality that church leaders are more fallible than many had supposed. As a young returned missionary my worldview was that … Continue reading

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I Am No Respecter of Persons

Heavenly Father has revealed many things about himself. Among these revealed truths we learn one of His chief characteristics—“he is no respecter of persons”. The Lecture on Faith teaches in order, “to exercise faith in God we must first have … Continue reading

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