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Classic Talk: The Gift of the Holy Ghost: What Every Member Should Know

Boyd K. Packer, “The Gift of the Holy Ghost: What Every Member Should Know,” Ensign, Aug 2006, 46–52. Click here to go to the churches website for this article. Highlighting  is mine. From an address given on June 24, 2003, … Continue reading

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Keeping the Commandments without Making Covenants has no Power to Sanctify

Click Here for the Table of Contents For those who have made covenants to follow Christ there is a simple plan that needs to be obeyed in order to realize the promised blessings. The following scripture clearly describes the plan … Continue reading

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Seeking the Holy Ghost in Times of Peace, and Trouble

The apostles and prophets teach that acquiring the gift of the Holy Ghost is the most important thing we can do in life.[1] Some readers might not agree with this statement, saying that coming to Christ is more important. If … Continue reading

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He Marvelled at Their Unbelief

The Savior while in mortality did many mighty works. He raised the dead, healed all kinds of diseases, restored sight to the blind, cured withered limbs, and cast out devils. However, in his home town of Nazareth is was unable to do mighty … Continue reading

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For What Doth It Profit A Man If A Gift Is Bestowed Upon Him, And He Receive Not The Gift?

Heavenly Father has revealed that it is His work and glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man (Moses 1:39). In other words, to make it possible for each of His sons and daughters to become … Continue reading

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One of the Best Kept Secrets of the Church

Mike: Why are the scripture so important? After all, the Bible is scripture and look at all the different Christian churches that have sprung into existence since it was published. Obviously scripture is subject to interpretation, and if this is … Continue reading

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Desperately Seeking the Holy Ghost

In the Bloggernacle a writer needs to have a good title to get noticed in the aggregators. It’s also a good idea to have something worthwhile to say. I think I’ve got both. I hope you’ll hang in there for … Continue reading

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