So Long President Monson

President Monson can be remembered as a prophet. There are many examples of his prophetic gift. One account, among many, that stands out in my mind is the Methvin family.

In 1974, Christal Methvin , a 10-year-old dying of cancer, wanted a blessing from a General Authority. She looked at the pictures of all the General Authories and selected Thomas Monson. With the faith of a child she and her family asked Heavenly Father that apostle Thomas Monson come to give her a blessing. Her prayers brought about changes to Elder Monson Stake assignment. No one in Salt Lake knew about Christal, but the Lord did. Inspiration began to flow. President Benson told Elder Monson he felt impressed to send him to Shreveport Louisiana Stake.

When Elder Monson arrived for his assignment he learned about Christal for the first time. He was told that he would need to travel over 100 miles round trip to give her a blessing. He looked the schedule over and couldn’t find a way to do it. He suggested to local leaders that they pray for her in the Stake meeting and left it at that. However, the Lord had other plans.

Elder Monson gave an account of what happen in Oct 1975 General Conference saying,

“When the word was communicated to the Methvin family, there was understanding but a trace of disappointment as well. Hadn’t the Lord heard their prayers? Hadn’t he provided that Brother Monson would come to Shreveport? Again the family prayed, asking for a final favor—that their precious Christal would realize her desire.

At the very moment the Methvin family knelt in prayer, the clock in the stake center showed the time to be 7:45. The leadership meeting had been inspirational. I was sorting my notes, preparing to step to the pulpit, when I heard a voice speak to my spirit. The message was brief, the words familiar: “Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.” (Mark 10:14.) My notes became a blur. My thoughts turned to a tiny girl in need of a blessing. The decision was made. The meeting schedule was altered.”

This is an example of how the Lord, when He desires, intervenes and guides his church leaders to carry out His will.

Elder Monson continues,

“I shall ever remember and never forget that early-morning journey to a heaven the Methvin family calls home. I have been in hallowed places—even holy houses—but never have I felt more strongly the presence of the Lord than in the Methvin home. Christal looked so tiny lying peacefully on such a large bed. The room was bright and cheerful. The sunshine from the east window filled the bedroom with light as the Lord filled our hearts with love.

The family surrounded Christal’s bedside. I gazed down at a child who was too ill to rise—almost too weak to speak. Her illness had now rendered her sightless. So strong was the spirit that I fell to my knees, took her frail hand in mine, and said simply, “Christal, I am here.” She parted her lips and whispered, “Brother Monson, I just knew you would come.” I looked around the room. No one was standing. Each was on bended knee. A blessing was given. A faint smile crossed Christal’s face. Her whispered “thank you” provided an appropriate benediction. Quietly, each filed from the room.

Four days later, on Thursday, as Church members in Shreveport joined their faith with the Methvin family and Christal’s name was remembered in a special prayer to a kind and loving Heavenly Father, the pure spirit of Christal Methvin left its disease-ravaged body and entered the paradise of God.”

“The Master did indeed utter those words, “Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.” 

I know these are the words he spoke to the throng gathered on the coast of Judea by the waters of Jordan—for I have read them.

I know these are the words he spoke to an apostle on assignment in Shreveport, Louisiana—for I heard them.”

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