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Why I Can Testify, “I Know the Mormon Church is True.”

By the time I was in 8th grade I stop going to church. One of the reasons I left church activity was what I learned at church. I learned that all those who are born in the covenant are choice spirits … Continue reading

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This is the Testimony Which is in Me

Those who have a testimony possess power. I think it can be compared to the power that a gifted artist possesses. In my 7th grade class there was a fellow student who could play the piano with unusual skill. He … Continue reading

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Are You in Tune with the Spirit? Three Ways to Verify Your Sources

The scripture teach that we are all influenced by “the Spirit/spirit”, but which one? Maybe this should be called the dichotomy of the spirit. Here is an example from the scriptures: …the Spirit of the LORD departed from Saul, and … Continue reading

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Embracing Our Individual & Unique Gift of the Holy Ghost

I’ve felt a desire to share some sacred experiences the Lord has given me. My whole purpose in sharing these experiences is to testify of Jesus Christ and the reality of the atonement. I hope by testifying of these things … Continue reading

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Altars of Sacrifice

Who among the readers of this blog is not moved by Brother Christensen’s testimony? Here is a man at a cross roads of his life. He is on his own for the first time. It is a make or break … Continue reading

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