The Power of Hate Frustrates the Power of the Priesthood

At the end of World War II, Ezra Taft Benson and Fred W. Babbel went to Europe with church welfare supplies. They experienced many miracles which Brother Babbel recorded and then published.

The following account details a remarkable healing and a heart rending failure of love that prevented the healing of a child.

Elder Babbel said: [In late autumn 1946 I gave a talk in the sacrament meeting of the South London Branch] As I was speaking, I had the keen realization that unlimited power was surging through my being. … Little wonder, therefore, that afterwards when I was asked to to bless two of the members present, I felt that there was no limit to the blessing each could receive.

The first of these was a sister in her seventh month of pregnancy who had been bleeding so profusely that both she and her husband feared she might lose the baby prematurely. As I confirmed the annointing, I again felt the tremendous surge of power I have mentioned, and I knew that she would be healed from that very moment. (She later confirmed that she was immediately healed.)

The second person was a three-year-old from Scotland. He had been a deaf mute since birth. Now his parents had brought him to London for a special blessing. One of the brethren anointed his head with oil, and as I placed my hands upon his head to seal the anointing and to give him a blessing, I felt that the Lord’s power was present in such abundance that there was no question about his being healed instantly. Before I could say a word, I was told by the Spirit, “This young boy could be healed this very night if his parents would lose the hatred which they have in their hearts.” I was decidedly shocked and troubled, because I had never before met his family and did not want to question their attitude. But I was restrained from sealing the anointing. After a moment’s pause, I removed my hands from the boy’s head and said to his parents, “What is it that you hate so deeply?” They looked startled. Then the husband said, “We can’t tell you.” “I don’t need to know,” I replied, “but as I placed my hands upon your son’s head, I was assured that he might be healed this very night and be restored to you whole if you will only lose the hatred which you have in your hearts. After some troubled glances back and forth between the couple, the husband again spoke. “Well, if that is the case,” he said, “our son will have to go through life as he is, because we won’t give up our hating!” I felt that I had been prevented from pronouncing a blessing that might have resulted in the salvation of the entire family. [Fredrick W. Babbel, On Wings of Faith, pp.160, 161]

Note: This book is a worthwhile read. It documents the hand of the Lord blessing people as apostle Ezra Taft Benson and Fredrick Babbel traveled Europe at the end of WWII. I checked with Salt Lake County Library and it is available there as well as on Ebay.

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