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Heavenly Father Provides Mountains to Climb So We Can Become Like Him

Heavenly Father Provides Us with Mountains to Climb So We Can Become Like Him Acquiring and growing a testimony is like climbing a mountain. As we ascend the mountain we can turn and view the vista behind us, and feel … Continue reading

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One of His Sheep Wanders and The Shepard Finds Him

Those who call themselves Mormon are a family. And as many of us know by experience, members of a family can for a time be all over the place regarding their feelings towards their Mormonism.  Following is a short-list of … Continue reading

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The Savior Teaches a Unique Doctrine Regarding Forgiveness Over Dinner

The scripture teach that the Savior spent time with those who were considered “unworthy” because they were not every good at keeping the commandments. He had great compassion for them and blessed, encouraged, and forgave them. On one occasion, the … Continue reading

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“Begging for a Remission of Your Sins”

First, a definition of the word “beg” may be helpful to set aside any emotional response we may have to the word. Some among us may feel offended by this word thinking that God would never require His sons and … Continue reading

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He Marvelled at Their Unbelief

The Savior while in mortality did many mighty works. He raised the dead, healed all kinds of diseases, restored sight to the blind, cured withered limbs, and cast out devils. However, in his home town of Nazareth is was unable to do mighty … Continue reading

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Hearken, O ye Gentiles (Especially LDS church members)

1 HEARKEN, O ye Gentiles, and hear the words of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, which he hath commanded me that I should speak concerning you, for, behold he commandeth me that I should write, saying: 2 … Continue reading

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For What Doth It Profit A Man If A Gift Is Bestowed Upon Him, And He Receive Not The Gift?

Heavenly Father has revealed that it is His work and glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man (Moses 1:39). In other words, to make it possible for each of His sons and daughters to become … Continue reading

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Our Proclivity for Sin and Error

The scriptures testify, abundantly so, of the proclivity of humankind to sin. This is even true for those who have been given significant Spiritual experiences. One would suppose that those who have been so blessed would never sin again, but … Continue reading

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Worthiness is a Process (the gospel is here to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable)

Worthiness is a word that is used often in Mormon circles. For example, worthiness interviews are conducted in every stake, ward, and branch in the church.  The purpose is to determine if an individual is worthy to: 1.  Obtain a … Continue reading

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“The Most Basic Principles of the Gospel are Sometimes Those Least Understood”

    When a church member has been excommunicated, Bishops, Stakes Presidents, and family members can  write a letter to the First Presidency giving their reasons why a former members blessings should be restored. Elder Theodore M. Burton’s assignment was … Continue reading

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