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How to Procrastinate the Day of Our Repentance

Most of those reading this post are enjoying prosperous times. We have been nurtured by prosperity unlike any other recent generation. Nearly all of us have have been free from hunger. Few, if any, have been without shelter. Educational opportunities … Continue reading

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Keeping the Commandments without Making Covenants has no Power to Sanctify

Click Here for the Table of Contents For those who have made covenants to follow Christ there is a simple plan that needs to be obeyed in order to realize the promised blessings. The following scripture clearly describes the plan … Continue reading

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One of His Sheep Wanders and The Shepard Finds Him

Those who call themselves Mormon are a family. And as many of us know by experience, members of a family can for a time be all over the place regarding their feelings towards their Mormonism.  Following is a short-list of … Continue reading

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Repentance Made Easier-Part 2 (Sanctification)

Click here for the Table of Contents. I hope you’ll read, Repentance Made Easier-Part 1 (Justification),before reading part 2. Repentance is a Window into our Souls Once we have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ we need to repent. Otherwise, … Continue reading

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Repentance Made Easier-Part 1 (Justification)

Click here for the Table of Contents Repentance is a basic principle of the gospel, and being basic one would think the majority of church members would be well versed and comfortable with it. However, I don’t think that is … Continue reading

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A Repentance Primer for the Average Sinner

Forgiveness of sin is possible because of the atonement of Jesus Christ. The Scriptures teach that to obtain this gift of the atonement you must make changes in your life. Whatever it is that you’re doing or have done that constitutes … Continue reading

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The Savior Teaches a Unique Doctrine Regarding Forgiveness Over Dinner

The scripture teach that the Savior spent time with those who were considered “unworthy” because they were not every good at keeping the commandments. He had great compassion for them and blessed, encouraged, and forgave them. On one occasion, the … Continue reading

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O God, Wilt Thou Make Thyself Known Unto Me?

“O God…wilt thou make thyself known unto me, and I will give away all my sins to know thee…” Alma 22:18 These few words spoken by an old man, King Lamoni; in his first prayer, are full of meaning for … Continue reading

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Am I Utilizing the Things the Lord has Given Me so that I can Receive a Celestial Inheritance?

When I contemplate all that I have been given by the Lord and then reflect on what I am doing with it, I have to confess I am concerned for my eternal well-being. Something I read the other day heightened … Continue reading

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“Begging for a Remission of Your Sins”

First, a definition of the word “beg” may be helpful to set aside any emotional response we may have to the word. Some among us may feel offended by this word thinking that God would never require His sons and … Continue reading

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